Learning is sometimes a complicated process. There are some easy lessons, like learning the alphabet set to a song or memorizing a friend’s telephone number.  These seem to come easy. However, there are some difficult lessons to learn, like, never stand up under an open cabinet door. Ouch! Other lessons I tried to learn, but never mastered.  I still haven’t learned where to put the punctuation on a passive noun.

If you are full of information you are called “book smart”.  If you are all experience you are called “street smart”.

I would like to offer a new phrase to describe the learning that happens at camp as “Camp Smart.” 

The learning that takes place at camp is a whole new level of learning.  At camp, you learn information, you experience it hands on, and it all comes together in a powerful loving Christian community.  Camp is where God takes information and life experience and binds them together through the power of His Spirit working through a community of believers.  This is why learning at camp is so effective.

Perhaps you have a story of how you experienced lifelong learning at Living Waters Bible Camp.  Do you have a story of how the combination of information and experience came together in the caring, natural environment of camp?  If so, please share that story with us. Can you tell us about that story?

Send me an email and tell me how Living Waters Bible Camp taught you a lesson that changed your life.