When asked about his time at Foundation Camp, one camper replied, “Every time I come to camp, I am challenged to not stay where I am in my relationship with God, but to draw nearer to Him, to humble myself.”  

In society today, we are seeing an increasing number of young people leaving the church between the time they enter high school and the time they graduate from college. There is a dire need for intentional engagement with youth to help them as they surrender their lives to Christ and live like Him in a world where they are told to live “all about me.” The church must do everything it can to train and enable young people to build a foundation for their faith and stand firm on the truths of God’s Word no matter what opposition they face. 

Foundation Camp is two weeks dedicated primarily for this purpose. Campers receive training through classes, serving opportunities, and life-changing challenges under the guidance of dedicated leaders. They learn how to study God’s Word, how God has spiritually gifted them and prepared them through their relationships and life circumstances for His service, and how to share their faith. Through intensive classes on subjects such as Christian Maturity, the Importance of the Church, Apologetics, and Evangelism, campers begin to understand how and why they must step aside and allow Christ to live through them. 

By serving and witnessing in places like the Wisconsin Dells, campers learn to live more sacrificially and humbly, following Jesus’ example in “not to be served, but to serve.” Humility is also cultivated through personal evaluations and obstacles such as TAC- Team Adventure Challenge. These purposeful challenges are mentally and physically demanding and include activities like being blindfolded and led through an obstacle course by teammates.  

From carrying a cross together to staying alongside one another in covered wagons, everything is designed to help these young believers develop a stronger relationship with God and other Christians. One camper said, “These two past weeks, I saw different people connecting/sharing. It reminded me, in times where I feel alone- I’m not.” Another camper stated, “The main thing I am taking away from these two weeks is how to communicate with God.”  

As the body of Christ, the church is commanded to individually and collectively live and love like Christ. Christ never stopped discipling and teaching. He was there for His people, guiding them in how to follow Him. As Christians, we are Christ’s representatives, and it is our job not just to take the gospel into the world but also to train all believers in living out the gospel.  

We must become foundation builders, people who bear with one another as we build stronger foundations for our faith. As a foundation camper expressed, “Living Waters Bible Camp is an amazing place where you grow in your relationship with the Lord. FC, in particular, teaches and challenges you to become a better servant leader, where you can be vulnerable and open with people about things you struggle with, and they point you towards God.” We need to see this being cultivated everywhere, not just at camp. Be vulnerable- allow God to work through you as He helps you strengthen your foundation and those of the people around you, no matter where you are.  

Written by Teleios Student and former Foundation Camper, Katie Brown.