Have you thought about the primary influence in your daughter’s world at this stage of her life?

Whether or not you have a plan, your daughter’s character is being built each and every day. This year’s Mother Daughter theme, “Interior Design” will emphasize exactly who the Bible says should be directing character development in your home. (Spoiler Alert, It’s God’s Design!)  Society would have us think that parents are an unnecessary tool to growing children even from conception.

Scripture teaches the truth on this subject.  Not only are a husband and wife necessary to the conception and development of a baby, but as children grow, the Bible teaches it is the Mother and Father who are called to be the primary teachers and mentors to their own children. Seems like a big job!  Raising children in today’s society is like fighting against a rising tide of immorality.  At our Living Waters Mother Daughter Retreat, we have created a weekend with sound Biblical teaching, time to talk with your daughter about the relationship God desires for you to have together and activities for you and your girl to just have fun.

Register today and join us for a weekend in the Winter Wonderland of the LWBC valley; cross country skiing, tubing and ice skating.  We’ll have a Mother Daughter Dinner Date set in a “snowy” wooded lodge and many crafts, treats, and treasures sprinkled through the weekend.