What is Teleios?

Living Waters is about to complete its 3rd year of the Teleios program. Working with the young people who come through the program is a highlight for all of the full-time staff. The idea of mentoring a young person who is committed to following Jesus is an exciting proposition.

While we’ve had many successes, we’ve certainly had challenges. Our prayer is that God would use Telios to help mold and shape students into the men and women that He would desire. In order for growth to occur, there must be stretching. Serving together at camp always brings friction and stresses. Some people embrace it while others resist it. Consistently, the students who grew the most are the ones who embrace the challenges and look for ways to grow. 

As we promote the program and talk about it with potential students, we’ve discovered that not everyone understands what the program offers. Please help us spread a unified message to potential students. Here are some things you can expect in the program.

  • Daily personal Bible study and accountability.
  • Weekly group Bible study
  • Involvement in children’s ministry
  • Personal goal setting
  • Serving at camp
  • Understanding how ministry functions
  • Discovering God’s call on your life

Teleios is an ideal program for any young person over 18 who is looking to serve God but is not sure of what direction in life they are headed. Maybe you plan to go to college or are not sure what to study. Take a year to focus on God and hear how He speaks to you.
Visit the Teleios Webpage for more information.