Blessings of 2019-2020
“Merry Christmas!” Each time you hear or say this greeting, be reminded of the source of all true joy and blessing – God Himself… loving and blessing His people through Jesus, come down from heaven to earth. As we reflect on the year 2019, we have realized so many other blessings the Lord has heaped upon our family, that cause us to boast in our great God!
We were able to attend/host the marriage encounter at camp in November, due to several families coming to volunteer and do the hard work in the kitchen so we could do the hard work in our marriage! There are still things we are learning about one another and learning to appreciate about the other. There have been so many new and returning volunteers this year that have helped ministry happen at Living Waters. We could NOT do it without them!! There is also a sweet girl, Dori, from Germany, who is in the Teleios program and assisting Kevin in the kitchen.
Naomi has enjoyed going through the Bible inductively (lots of marking observations, followed by interpretation, then application) at the Ladies Bible Study she helps to lead. She has been recently focusing on allowing the peace of God to dwell in our home. The Lord is so gracious in showing His great love and patience to us amidst our beautiful chaos. This has been so evident to us this year as we homeschool four kiddos along with caring for a new babe!
Tirzah has been a super helper and asks for more responsibility. She often helps Kevin with dishes at camp, which is a great support to him and opportunity for her to serve. We love to see her blossoming into a godly young woman.
Ellie has a smile from ear to ear that lights up a room. She also gets to improve her serve doing dishes at camp. We see evidence of the Holy Spirit at work in her life growing her up and we pray He will use her feisty spirit to care for others.
Boaz is a deep feeler and we are so encouraged when we hear his compassion and quick forgiveness. He is a sweet big brother to Solly and takes his role seriously. He is the first one to bring a book of missionaries to the table and ask us if we can pray for them.
Keturah is full of song all day long! Her spunky attitude and cheesy smile are infectious! She thinks she is an equal to the older kids which can often get her into trouble.
Solomon is 6 months old and whenever he is well rested and fed he is a source of so many smiles and giggles. It brings joy to our hearts to see all the kids wanting to love on their little brother, even if it is sometimes only for 6.8 seconds at a time!
Our hope is that you would experience the ultimate Blessing, through Salvation in Jesus Christ, as well as see the little blessings He grants each day.

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