Each Tuesday, we’ll try to post a review, a testimony or a story from someone who has been to Living Waters Bible Camp. We hope you find these stories encouraging and fun to read!

If you’ve been to Living Waters Bible Camp, you know how fun it is. If you haven’t, let me tell you this: you’ll never want to leave! I have three favorite camps that I like to go to: Father-Son Weekend, Family Camp, and 3rd-6th Grade Camp.

Father-Son Weekend is an amazing camp for the father and the son to hang out and have fun together in the winter. You can go sledding down a hill that makes you feel like you’re never going to slow down, go ice skating on a perfect little pond, have a broom ball tournament where you can build you own team and name it just the way you want it. You also can cross-country ski on a path that weaves, turns and has great hills to practice your skiing skills.
Family camp is a great camp for the family to do fun activities together in July. You can do things like: archery near the woods, swimming at a nearby pool, a hayride through the fields when sometimes you feel like you’re riding sideways, and fireworks in Viroqua, a nearby town.

3rd-6th Grade Camp is another camp in the summer that is similar to Family Camp but only 3rd through 6th graders can go. Other than the swimming, hayride, and archery, they have a big water balloon fight on the first day and a game called, “Gold Rush”. In this game you try to collect hidden stones, painted gold or silver, and get them across the “safe” line before a counselor tags you and you have to give the stones up. They also have a “Counselor Hunt”, which is on the last day, when the kids have to try to find the counselors that hide around the camp grounds.

By what I’ve told you, I’m expecting you all want to come to this wonderful camp in Westby, Wisconsin... Living Waters Bible Camp!