Life as always remains busy and challenging. My daughter River and I recently returned from Ohio where, for the past 7 months, I had been helping my brother remodel and add a massive addition to an old rundown house. This trip was a good time for me spiritually. I have had some very difficult challenges in the past two years, and many questions were hanging heavy on my heart. While God didn’t answer all of them during my visit, my relationship with Him has improved. And I certainly enjoyed the time with my family in Ohio. It was a good trip.

Now that we are back in Wisconsin, I am continuing to rent an apartment from my father-in-law in Fennimore. Before I had left, I was working part-time at Richland County EMS. Upon returning, they have offered me a full-time position that consists of two 24hr shifts a week, which so far has been much more manageable for my in-laws to watch River than my part-time schedule was.

It also leaves me with a handful of days a week I can go to camp and serve. Currently, the priority is to coordinate with Chris Sutton and Drew Douglass on the construction of camp’s new office addition! While I was in Ohio, they got the foundation poured and prepared. Last weekend, we had a group down and got up most of the outer walls. The next two weekends the volunteers will be back to continue work. There are lots of things to keep in mind during the rough framing: electrical, HVAC ductwork, plumbing, and networking. Networking will be rather heavy in this building because it’s our main network hub for camp as well as being our main offices. Special attention will be paid to the plans and making sure everything is constructed properly.

Besides the office addition, there are a number of other ways I am able to serve at camp. I’m usually tasked with maintaining functionality and security on our camp’s computer network. I’m currently the go-to-guy for understanding how to operate camp’s laser engraver. Some of our dorms are set to have their shingles replaced, and I’m sure I’ll be tasked with that when the time comes.

I’ve always enjoyed being part of Foundation Camp, although I won’t be able to serve as a wagon leader as I have in past years, I still hope to work alongside the campers on work projects, and perhaps drive the bus for them, or facilitate some of the TAC activities.

I’m currently scheduled to be the EMT for camp’s Mt. St. Helens trip this year, to which I’m certainly looking forward! I’m hopeful to see what may happen this year, both at camp, and at home. After all, our theme this year is “Path of Life.” This year, I’m hoping to establish some long term plans that will include a continued history serving the Lord at Living Waters Bible Camp!

In His Service,

Tim Dehnart