I first came to Living Waters as Summer Staff in June of 2021 with plans to stay for the Teleios program. Six months later, I am halfway through the program and would like to share with you how God has been working in my life.

The Teleios program is the third discipleship program I have done in the past two years. In each program, the Lord has furthered my steps in walking beside Him. Every time He leads me to another place, He helps me to implement what He taught me previously. Teleios has been unique in how it is the culmination of putting into action all the programs I have done. 

Through the program, I have had opportunities to serve at camp and in the local church, have received training and helped train others, and have been served while I am serving. This speaks volumes to the purpose of Teleios- to live as a Christ-like servant-leader wherever you are, to live out the power of the gospel in discipling while continuing to be discipled yourself, and to have a heart of humility, recognizing we are all called to serve the world sacrificially. 

Every week the Teleios program consists of serving, taking part in Bible studies and classes, and engaging in relationships with mentors, staff, and others. Every aspect has been a blessing, but I am incredibly thankful for the purposeful conversations with full-time staff and mentors that have enabled me to grow spiritually and academically. There have been challenges, but I have learned more of what it means to depend on God and His people through support, care, and prayer. 

My highlights so far are serving as a wagon leader at Foundation Camp, a photographer on summer staff, working in the office with Brant, hosting a guest group at the fort with Andrew, and assisting in preparing for and then taking part in the Mount Saint Helens Creation Adventure. Because of these opportunities and others, I have become more like the person God has created me to be and understand more of what He has created me to do. 

By seeking the Lord first, one can understand more of who they are in Him. The best way I have encountered this in my life is in times of discipleship tied to creation. It is there, out in God’s world, where we see His majesty that we can be still before Him. Each of us must choose how to live life- contentedly seeking God and allowing Him to make His Son known through us or living in complacency. 

Before this program, I did not have a word to summarize how I wanted to live my life for the Lord. Because of Living Waters Bible Camp, I now do. I choose to live the Teleios life. Teleios is a way of life- one that I hope to help others seek to live. May you continue to become “complete and mature in Christ”, Teleios (Colossians 1:28)!