If my current self, visited my past self, just one month before the Teleios program and told me what I was going to do and learn, I would never have believed it! Before talking about my experience in Teleios, let me tell you a bit about how God brought me here.

I grew up in Merida, Mexico and my parents were missionaries. When I was 14, God put a desire in my own heart for missions. I didn’t know how I would serve, but I knew He would use me. To prepare myself, I attended Rio Grande Bible Institute where I studied Theology and Inter-Cultural Studies. While there I had the opportunity to work in their media department. I gained experience and discovered my gifting in media. My senior year I had a job offer to work at a secular media company in California. It seemed like a good opportunity and I was planning to go. Just two weeks before graduation several of my mentors and elders came to me and challenged me to consider taking a year after Bible school to continue to seek God’s will for my life.

I took their counsel as from the Lord and turned down the job in California. Now, I found myself just a few days from graduation and I didn’t know what I was going to do. While cleaning my room, and my wallet, I found a business card from Dennis Siler, director of Living Waters Bible Camp, whom I had met two years earlier. I decided to give him a call.

I soon found myself enrolled in the Teleios program at camp. Not knowing what God had in-store for me, I stepped out in faith.

The last 9 months at camp have been incredible! I have learned so many things that I didn’t learn in the classroom. I’ve been able to put my faith into action serving the Lord by making videos for camp. I’ve done everything from feeding a monkey to live streaming a conference. I’ve been willing to do anything I am asked, and it has been a blessing. Along the way I’ve enjoyed learning through Bible study, service and mentoring.

While here at camp I believe the Lord has made His plan clear to me. It is my hope to start a media business that doubles as a ministry. I and six other friends have developed a ministry plan to serve the church and international missions through multi-media services. In 2020 we all hope to move to Merida, Mexico to make our dream come true.

Our ministry called J7F (Just 7 Friends) will provide multi-media services to churches and missionaries. We hope to provide high quality logos, brochures, websites, photos, videos and more for anyone serving the Lord in ministry. To fund our ministry we have a multi-funding stream. One is through donations from ministry partners. Another is through producing stock photo and video which we can sell online. The last method would be to sell our services to secular businesses.

Please pray for me as I launch this ministry. The first obstacle is to acquire equipment. I hope to have a quality camera in time for the start of the ministry. Overall, I am thankful that God has called me to Living Waters to receive the experience, teaching, and mentoring I needed to begin the next step in my calling to serve God.

If you would like to contact me (Alex) you can email me at alex.canul7@gmail.com