We live in a society that is increasingly turning its back on God. The net effect of this development is that the social institutions which provided stability for so long are crumbling. Churches and other ministries experience this first hand as they attempt to minister to people, with little or no awareness of the Bible or the gospel, who have become jaded toward God and resistant to His grace. Camp is no different. Each year we encounter more and more challenges communicating the gospel. Even youth from Christian homes are harder to reach.

This is why we can no longer rely on the skills, methods, and programs that have carried us for so many years. New skills are needed to communicate the gospel effectively. New programs are needed to catch the attention of young people who are already operating on information overload. These skills are not acquired by chance or wishful thinking, but are the result of careful training. At Living Waters Bible Camp we depend upon an army of volunteers who are willing not only to serve, but to grow in the skills needed to keep pace with our rapidly changing times.

In Spring 2015, Living Waters will once again host three remote training sessions:

March 21st:  Lombard Gospel Chapel, Lombard, IL

April 11th:  Bible Truth Chapel, Wausau, WI

April 18th:  Grace and Truth Chapel, Columbia Heights, MN
May 30th:  Living Waters Bible Camp, Westby, WI

While the challenges we face are often the same, camps tend to experience these challenges earlier than the local church, so the experience we gain can be very useful to those who minister locally. This year we will feature an all new format that provides training that is just as useful to the local church as it is to camp. We are working hard to ensure that the training you receive is relevant, practical, and inspiring.

Watch for updates as more details are made available. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Thompson at 608-634-4373 ext 35.