The Summer Staff are here! Every year a group of young adults dedicate themselves to serve at Living Waters to help facilitate nature programs, dorm lead, as well as help in many other important roles. The Summer Staff are a critical part of our summer camp programs. They help to ensure the best experience for all campers.

So, who are these young individuals who dare give up a whole summer to come serve the Lord at a Bible Camp? Why did they come? What brought them to choose Living Waters? What have they learned because of summer staff? In order to answer some of these questions, I interviewed several staff members and had them tell us a little bit about themselves.


This excerpt is from a one-on-one with Cameron Fleener (Interviewer is Jackson Thompson)


How did you first find out about Summer Staff?


I was recommended for the Summer Staff program while I was at Emmaus Bible College. I’m a part of the Educational Ministries program at Emmaus specializing in Youth Ministry and whoever is a part of that department has to do what’s called a “field study” every spring. We go and spend a weekend studying experiential learning at Living Waters Bible Camp.

Where is your favorite spot at camp? Why?    

Going to go, like, really weird on this one. The kitchen is my favorite place at camp because of the food. I love it. It’s just the obvious choice.

What has God taught you so far this summer?

I have learned that He (God) will provide that… that no matter what I go through, He will take care of me and I definitely believe that this is where He wants me. This is where He wants me to grow even more for whatever He plans.



What is your favorite place at camp and why?


My favorite spot is in the bell tower because when you are there in the morning you can see the light coming up. It’s really pretty and beautiful at that time of day.

How do you think Summer Staff will help your future goals?

Well, I’m going to Moody Bible Institute for a major in elementary education, so I definitely think it’ll help going into some sort of teaching ministry with the programs and learning.

Would you recommend Summer Staff for someone else?

Sure. It’s great!



What is the most challenging part of the Summer Staff?


The most challenging part is probably being tired. There are a lot of things that can be hard to do, but if you have the energy to do it, it is fun. However, as the summer is going on, you get tired from all the activity. It’s challenging, because you really want to do whatever is next, but eventually you feel so tired that it makes things that you love tough to do.

Having been on Summer Staff a couple years now, would you recommend Summer Staff for someone else?

Yes, for sure. I think that being in a place where Christian people are working is great. You have people who are encouraging you with your devotions and you are watching people coming to Christ every week. You can be going out and learning things that will help you later in life and then also working for the Lord every day. I think I recommend Summer Staff because of that. I love that you can be working on your own life and at the same time encouraging and challenging others to come to know Christ better. And then you have a lot of fun too.

Where is your favorite spot at camp?

There is a place down by the rec room. It is deep in the woods, down by the stream. It is very peaceful and you can go there to sit and contemplate or pray. No one is watching you there. It’s just time by yourself. You can listen to the wind in the trees or the stream flowing past and fully relax there.