The Summer Staff are still here! We can’t believe they stuck around to serve this long! In honor of their commitment we decided to continue last month’s interviews and give you some more info about these amazing young people who are serving at camp this summer.



How did you find out about Living Waters Bible Camp?


My mom grew up going to Living Waters. So, as a kid, I would come with my family often.

What brought you to Summer Staff? When did you first dream about being on Summer Staff? 

The first time I saw the Summer Staff was as a camper. And then, when I was 15, I did Foundation Camp, after which I volunteered for a few weeks. And just, yeah, the idea of being able to be here for a whole summer was really cool.

What has God taught you so far this summer?

That’s a huge subject. One of the big lessons this summer specifically has been how much we need other people. Sometimes I like to do things on my own, and figure things out on my own, but we need other people to help and encourage us and to help us do things that we can’t. So being on summer staff has really helped me with that. I see now that I need the other people around me for encouragement and to help me out.



When were you excited to be on Summer Staff for the first time?


I think, my first year, I did not really know that there was a Summer Staff. I came as an early part to Telios after I was done with college and I just assumed it was all part of Telios. However, after my first summer at camp I made a lot of friends and the idea of being able to see those friends again as well as serving the Lord in my personal favorite area of video sounded amazing. There’s not really a specific date I remember realizing that, but that was kind of how I ended up being excited to be here working for the summer.

What is your favorite place at camp? 

I love sunsets and stars. I love to do my devotions in the evening because I am definitely not an early riser. My favorite time to do devotions and be with God is with a sunset. So, I guess my favorite place at camp is anywhere I can either see a sunset or the stars in the evening. Mockingbird trail is one of those great spots because of how the light comes through the trees in the evening and how you can see the stars in between the trees at night.

How do you think summer staff will help your future goals?

The thing about this is that its bigger than Summer Staff. It is not so much that it’s Summer Staff,  it’s more that it is Living Waters. Then it’s also not Living Waters but it’s what God has done here. Living Waters and what God has done with me here has pushed me to use my talents for God more and my goal is to keep using my talents for His glory. I want to use my talents and knowledge about media production to run a ministry where I can help churches with their media. So Living Waters helps me because I get to develop my skills in media while also having God shape my life for the future.


(Jackson Thompson)

What is your name, position, and number of years on Summer Staff?

(Is interviewing himself)

I am Jackson Thompson. I am in the marketing department of camp this summer and this is my very first year on Summer Staff.

When did you first hear about Living Waters?

My family actually moved here to serve at Living Waters in 2011. It was a huge change in my life, coming to a new camp that I knew very little about, but I instantly fell in love. I can still remember my first week of summer camp at Living Waters and how much different it was to the camps that I had been to before.

When were you excited to be on Summer Staff for the first time?

The first time I was excited to be on Summer Staff I was probably thirteen. I had watched the Summer Staff for a few years at that point and I think I started to envision myself being on Summer Staff then. I always looked at the Summer Staff as the “cool” older kids who got to be at camp for the summer.

What is your favorite place at camp? 

My favorite place at camp is probably the small bridge down near the end of the dry-wash. I love the sound of the creek running underneath the bridge. It is a beautiful spot to either think or do Bible study.