This month, we have another summer staff interview. Cheyenne Collier is a first-time summer staff member, but she has been coming to camp for quite some time. She even completed the Teleios program, which is a nine-month training program to become a servant leader, prior to being on summer staff.

Why did you join Summer Staff?

“I have always wanted to be a part of camp during the summer. I completed the Teleios program and that’s when it became really clear that I wanted to be on Summer Staff. I wanted to be part of the team that gives kids a great summer.”

What challenges you the most about working on Summer Staff?

“One of the challenges is sometimes other staff have off and are able to hang out with each other and you don’t have off and have to still work. That’s one of the hard things, especially when it’s people that you haven’t seen in a while but you’re not able to fellowship with them because you have responsibilities at that moment.”

What has God been teaching you this summer?

“He is in the midst of teaching me to be patient with other people. That is, hands down, one of the biggest things he’s been teaching me this summer. As well, He has been teaching me to be satisfied in Him.”

Share a funny memory or favorite moment from this summer…

“I have a lot of favorite memories and favorite things about working on Summer Staff, but the first thing that came to mind is when we went to Lacrosse on my birthday. We went up to Grandad’s Bluff where there’s a shelter. Another girl and I were standing on the ledge that was relatively close to the ground. However, the other guy that was with us decided he was going to scale up the wall and climb into the rafters and just chill there for a couple of seconds.