In the Midwest, winter is long and spring is short.  It is the beginning of April so weknow that Summer is just around the corner!  Here at Living Waters, we can’t wait for the Summer Campers to start arriving.

This year’s theme Remember Your Creator is going to be extra special.  This is a message that is vital for today’s youth.  Solomon wrote in the book of Ecclesiastics 12:1 to “Remember your creator in the days of your youth before the evil days come.” Solomon’s God given wisdom still rings true centuries later.

Why ‘remember’? Because we forget. Forget your car keys and you may be late to your appointment. Forget your Creator and your life will unravel before your eyes. Amazingly, even though we are surrounded by reminders of God’s creative genius and power, our days are so busy that we fail to see the obvious, and stumble blindly through life missing all the goodness that God intended for us. At Living Waters our mission is to help busy, distracted people remember their Creator as they rediscover His wisdom, marvel at His power, and bask in His love. A week at camp is filled with crazy fun and friendships that can last a lifetime. But more than this you’ll have close encounters with some of the most amazing evidences of God’s handiwork – encounters you aren’t likely to experience anywhere else.

Take a moment to watch this preview!

As we Remember Your Creator this summer we will take a close look at the major catastrophic events of the Bible including Noah’s world wide flood and the extinction of dinosaurs. By looking that these scientific facts we will see the truth of God’s word in the world around us.

We hope your family will join us as we focus on this critical topic.  Check out the website for the summer schedule, and mark your calendar so you don’t forget to remember!