Pet Policy 

It is the policy of Living Waters Bible Camp that Guests are not allowed to bring pets to camp. There are a few exceptions which will be addressed within this policy.  

Why pets are not allowed at camp: 

  • Not all people appreciate the company of a pet. 
  • Some people are scared of certain animals. 
  • Some people have severe allergies to animals. 
  • Not all pets behave well enough. 
  • Pets can be a distraction to a camper’s overall experience. 

Summer Camps Pick-up/Drop off 

  • We recommend not bringing pets since camp is not prepared to accommodate them. 
  • If you need to bring a pet (I.e., going somewhere else with your pet after dropping off your camper) 
  • Please leave pet in vehicle as much as possible. 
  • Pets are not allowed in the parking lot nor in any buildings at camp.  
  • Pets are required to be monitored by their owner. 
  • Please use the area behind the camp sign by the maintenance building for pet bathroom area.  
  • If the pet exits the vehicle they must be on a leash.  
  • Please clean up after the pet.

Overnight Guests/Summer Campers:  

  • Please do not bring pet to camp if you are involved in a camp event. 
  • Pets are not allowed to stay at camp overnight.  

If an overnight Guest brings a pet: 

  • Pets are not allowed to stay overnight in any buildings at camp. The owner will need to make arrangements with a local kennel or make other arrangements for their pet to stay off camp during their stay. Any cost will be the responsibility of the animal owner. 
  • If you unable to find a place for the pet, then the pet needs to go home. 

Exceptions to the Policy: 

  • Service Pets: Pets must be wearing their service vest and on a leash. 
  • Medical Service Pets: Pets may be approved on a case-by-case basis. 
  • They should be on a leash and stay with the owner. 
  • They could be allowed in a building depending on the circumstances. 
  • Note: All exceptions must be approved by the Executive Director