By nature, camp creates a unique place where strong bonds of friendship are formed. Camp has the potential for these friendships to last a lifetime. It also creates a unique platform for campers to bond with returning staff and dorm leaders in a special way. Daniel Habel (dorm leader) and David Landis (kids camper) are a prime example of this.

Daniel has been coming to camp since he was a young camper. Over the years, he has returned as volunteer summer staff to serve as a dorm leader. For David, this past kids camp was his third summer attending a full week of camp and he has loved every minute of it! During Daniel’s first week of being a dorm leader and David’s first full week of camp in 2015, these two were placed in the same dorm not knowing what was in store for them. That first week was challenging for them both with new experiences and things to overcome, but as Daniel says, “David is the reason I keep coming back to Kids Camp.”

Knowing what is best for His children, God has richly blessed these two with a friendship built on trust, care, spiritual growth, and just plain old fun, as they have been placed in the same dorm over the past three summers. 

You never know what form God’s blessings will come in or how He will bring Himself glory through our relationships and circumstances. So take it from Daniel and David that being open to new things and people could open up a door of growth and opportunity to let the light of Jesus shine through your life and in turn, draw you closer to Him.