Omega Camp may be the last camp that Living Waters holds during the summer, but it is certainly not the least. It is the most varied of the camps, being that it switches its main purpose and theme every year. One year you may discover how your personality fits into God’s design for a team, while another year you might find yourself listening to a Buddhist priest delve into the finer points of the origins of the many gods set up in a brightly decorated temple. This year, you may find yourself sitting on a pier looking out onto a lake in northern Wisconsin while taking a deep dive into the Bible to discover how to defend your faith in these trying times. Omega Camp 2019 is focused on Apologetics. We will be studying the Bible in order to better know how to hold our ground as we live in a 21st-century culture.

Omega Camp is the perfect combination of fellowship, adventure, and engaging Bible studies designed to challenge and grow you in your Christian faith. It is always a time for connecting with the Lord. Along the way, there will be rest and fellowship with the experienced leaders of Omega camp as well as Living Waters’ very own 2019 Summer Staff. Omega camp is a great time for growth and fellowship. If you want to find out more, just tap the link below.