If you are a child who wants to come to summer camp at Living Waters, you better register early, because camps have been filling up fast. Last summer, Foundation Camp, Kids Camp I, Boys Camp, Kids Camp II and Horse Trainers Camp all had waiting lists!

It has always been our desire that no child would ever be turned away from camp. For this reason, and many more, we have decided to move forward with plans to build two new dorms. One will be next to Winnebago serving as a camper dorm. The other will be next to the bath house intended for volunteer staff.

Click through pictures below:

We are eagerly anticipating these new dorms. We hope they will go up quickly and be ready for use for Summer 2018 allowing us to serve more campers. For years, the Summer Staff have been forced to move to the covered wagons because of need for camper housing. We hope these new dorms will alleviate the need to move our summer staff.

The dorms will access the bath house so they will not need plumbing or water. This will help keep the cost of the project low.  Both dorms are budgeted to be built for $30,000. If you would like to contribute to the project financially, or help with the construction, we welcome your partnership!

Please contact Chris Sutton if you are interested volunteering time to help build.

Please consider giving a financial contribution to make sure we have space for every child who wants to go to camp.