Ministry life is more demanding than I expected! I have been trying to write an update for months. As I take some time to write this update, I give thanks to God for the many people that have been praying for our family and our ministry. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! I hope this update gives you joy as you read how God has been using our family for His Glory.

As of November 5, 2022 (Just over a month ago), I am officially the Executive Director of Living Waters Bible Camp. I give thanks to God for the hard work Dennis put into my training and development. As Dennis was passing the final baton, he also gave me a symbolic torch. The torch is a reminder of how in this position of leadership, the light of my love for God and His Word should be a constant example for people to follow

Serving Together: One of my biggest joys is to see Laura and the kids excited to be part of the ministry. Laura has been leading a prayer and fellowship time with the Staff Spouses. She is also serving as AWANA Sparks’ leader. Our oldest son Jeremias is also serving at AWANA as a Cubbies helper and playing the ukulele from time to time. The kids continue to be involved as kitchen helpers. They also love to be part of church activities. Two days ago, they enjoyed being part of the Live Nativity as prophets, shepherds, and angels.   

A New CAmp: This past September, we ran the very first Spanish Family Camp at Living Waters! We invited Denny and Arlene Norris as our main speakers, and together with the other three families, we had a great weekend. We enjoyed the teaching of the Word, God’s creation, campfires, games, Mexican food, and fellowship, all in Spanish! It was a very refreshing time for our family to be able to be campers and enjoy speaking our native language with friends.

Ministry At Home: As we raise our kids, we have found out that making them part of the ministry is the most effective way to teach them the cost and joy of serving the Lord. We are very purposeful in using our home for the ministry. Our kids take a big part of the responsibility by getting the house ready for the guests and cleaning up after they leave. They also take part in the joy of enjoying fellowship with other believers.   

Family Project: We decided to start a garden as part of our homeschooling activities. It was a lot of work for the kids and me to build and fill the raised beds. Laura spent countless hours on YouTube learning how to go about preparing and keeping a garden. But after many hours of hard work, we literally reaped the results of our effort. Our garden yielded A LOT of produce. Some of that produce is still in ourfreezer. It was so abundant that the kids set up a stand. I think the biggest Lesson learned is how God provides for our needs. Our 3-year-old Samuel was amazed when he understood that the God we pray to every night is the one that provides the food in our garden.

Immigration Update: Our Religious Status allows us to be in the country only until January 2023. We have submitted the paperwork for an extension, and last week we received the news that the Extension has been approved. Now I have the approval to work at camp until July 1st, 2025!

We are still waiting for the approval of Laura and the kids (we are not expecting any problems, given that my extension has already been approved). According to the Lawyer, the process may take months, but while the case is pending, Laura and the kids are also allowed to be in the country.

Financial Support: This year the Lord provided 70% of our yearly ministry support. We give thanks to the Lord for your collaboration in our ministry through your financial gifts. We really appreciate your partnership in the ministry.

Looking ahead to 2023, we are in need of an extra $1100/month to reach 100% of our ministry support to help Living Waters keep camper fees low (2 Cor 11:9). Would you prayerfully consider a financial contribution for our family to serve in this ministry? We would appreciate monthly donations of $25, $50, and $100 or one-time yearly donations. If you would like to join our ministry support team for 2023, go to or call me at 608-632-0018.

A Very Special Birthday: This past August, I turned 40 years old. Every time I reach a new decade, I get into reflecting mode and ask myself the question: What should be my focus for the next 10 years? As I set apart some time to meditate on this in prayer and reading of the Word, I came across the passage in 1 Sam 3: 10: And the Lord came and stood, calling as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel said, “Speak, for your servant hears.”. In the passage, Samuel is called by God, and he is quick to act but slow to listen. Eli advises Samuel to listen.  So I decided to focus on listening to what the Lord has to say more than acting on what I think the Lord wants.

Prayer Request: Please help us pray for:

·        Everything to go smoothly with our immigration paperwork

·        For wisdom, energy, and stamina for Ivan to handle the Executive Director role

·        Wisdom to raise our kids in the Lord as we serve at Camp

Thanks for praying for us!

With Love in Christ,

Ivan for the Munguia Family