Lives Impacted

Our first Mother Daughter Retreat, was a huge success!  This event was designed to offer one-on-one time between Mothers and Daughters for the purpose of “Creating a Legacy”.  Our mother and daughter panel of speakers presented real life examples of Creating a Legacy through Memories, Caring and Praying together.

One highlight of the weekend was a guided discussion though a night time lantern walk.  Each family left the lodge and headed out on the Mokingbird Trail with a list of discussion questions.  The path was lit by gas lanterns stationed about every 100 feet.  As participants walked along the trail, they read a new question at each lantern.  Mothers agreed that the intimate time spent together with their daughter was a precious memory.

Here are a few highlights from the evaluations:

  • “Bringing us together as Grandmother, Mother and Daughter.”
  • “I loved the Mom and Daughter teams (speakers).  Great idea!”
  • “Sharing God’s word with my Daughter and Granddaughter was a very special bonding time for the three of us.”
  • “This is an excellent camp.  So well run!  People need relational opportunities like this. “

 Thank you to all the volunteers and campers that made this retreat possible!