Another storm came in at 4pm last Thursday, July 10th – with wind gusts that were as much as 60-70 mph! The results of this storm were no less saddening than the previous ones, but the Lord provided safety; we’re very thankful that no one was injured.

At camp, a couple dozen trees were torn down and the baseball back stop was severely damaged from a large tree falling on it.

At the house at the top of the hill (the old Siler house), a 75-foot section from one of the large trees in the yard fell and put a two-foot hole in the roof and busted several windows.

We’ll keep you updated but, Lord willing, insurance should cover the costs of the damage done.

Also, we are so thankful to the Lord for the $25,000 that has been received so far in order to fix the damages to the road. Thank you for your generous contributions. If the Lord lays it on your heart, we are still in need of $5,000 for the remaining repairs.

Work is in progress to get the road bridge fixed. We’re hoping to get the bridge finished by the end of this week!

Once again, thank you for your prayers.