At Living Waters Bible Camp we use God’s creation in a camp setting to transform lives! Today’s youth are saturated with a message that they are a chemical accident over billions of years and their lives reflect that message. We present the truth of God’s Word to show them that a creative, loving God made them and the world around them. By showing each person how they are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” God opens a door for us to share the good news of Jesus in the Bible.  

Our mission is to reach, train, and equip individuals to become servant leaders through the truth of God’s Word, intentional godly relationships, and adventures in His creation.

All campers fall within the spectrum of being reached with the gospel, trained in the Word or equipped for service to Him. We transform individuals from unbelievers to servant-hearted followers of Jesus.

How does this transformation happen? At Living Waters we operate by a simple maxim: Life works best when God is big and we are small. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people are big and God is small. We will never trust a God who seems smaller than we are. We will never obey a God we do not trust. When we don’t obey God, life falls apart: relationships fail, fears rule, and sin wins.

This is why everything we do at Living Waters is designed to reset our perspective to its proper proportions, so we can learn to trust God again. To that end we offer: 

  • Nature programs that provide close encounters not just with God’s creation, but with the God of creation – His wisdom and power.

  • Bible instruction that enables campers to explore the history of God’s faithfulness to us.

  • Godly relationships offering service training designed to cultivate a heart of humility which places the interest of others above our own.

A “Big God…Little Me” servant leader perspective is what God can use to further His kingdom.