(written late Wednesday evening)
Chris Sanner headed up the training on the new elements and it all went really well with the pastors and seminar students. The Lord answered prayer today, visibly to us, when we prayed for the winds to clam down in order to allow the training to take place. So amazing! Also, a few of the girls in our group were able to watch / play with the trainnee’s children for the whole time when the parents were getting trained.
We’re doing a community day outreach, so we needed to paint the signs for the carnival games – we finished painting those today. Tommorrow is the children’s outreach, part two of the elements training, and then the teen outreach in the afternoon. We will be packing up and leaving right after the teen outreach to come back into the US for the evening.
Also, here are a few other things that were accomplished:
  • The tile is all laid — just one room is needing grout.
  • The 10,000-litre tank was filled today and is almost ready for us to turn the water on – hopefully today, still!
  • Two houses near Anapra were also worked on for two single moms who each have 4 children. One lost a son in the last year due to a shooting (when he was standing near a friend whose brother was involved in drugs and a gang).
Thanks for praying!