Tuesday was a productive day, even though the weather was very hot, which made the work quite exhausting. A few of the team got burned from the hot sun.
The team met with three pastors from the area and one of them shared a challenge in the evening. The Lord has been challenging us all to love each other in the group and those who we are ministering to in Mexico — especially those who are not as easy to love (John 13:35).

We finished all the Team Adventure Challenge elements just in time for a team of 12 seminary student to go through the course tomorrow! Pease pray for Chris Sanner tomorrow, as he facilitates this in Spanish.

Over the next few days some of the team is going to go help fix up home for families where the mothers have cancer; they’ll install doors, pour concrete floor (can you even imagine living with no doors or a dirt floor in your home?), and fix a roof – a very leaky roof.
We should be ready to turn the water at the LCI Center tomorrow. Up to this point the team has had to use buckets to carry all the water from a different location. The team has been working on laying tile in the main kitchen area at the center and it should be ready to use next week!
We sincerely appreciate the prayers, we feel the Lord’s hand watching over us.
Please continue to pray for us – for outreach on Thursday and for Chris facilitating TAC tomorrow.

Thank You!!