On March 3rd, a group of 14 campers left Living Waters for Juarez Mexico. Kevin Evers and his family had planned to be among the missionaries but sometimes our plans don’t match up with God’s plans.

Packed and ready to go on the 10-day trip, one of Kevin’s children came down with a fever. It was Chicken Pox. The next day, another child, and then another. It was evident that the whole family was not going on this trip to Mexico. Thankfully Kevin and Tirzah knew they were immune, so they were still able to travel.

Kevin has attended the trip many times, but he said this one was special because he really depended on prayer. Leaving your wife and children home is a challenge. It’s like leaving your co-pilot behind. Kevin relied on prayer throughout the whole trip and saw God work in many ways.

The first answer to prayer came at the border. Usually, the border guards inflate the value of the contents of the trailers so they can charge a higher duty. This time we prayed as we approached the border and they charged less than they normally do. This saved the team hundreds of dollars!

Fellowship with the local believers was extra special this year. Joey and Ana Bures came along to help with a VBS program for the children. Joey, fluent in Spanish, also spoke at the church on Sunday morning. After the service they ate and fellowshipped together, visited the downtown area and came back to the church to eat and fellowship, again. Kevin says “they love to eat!”

The major project was to build the first level of a new classroom. The team had hoped to at least get the walls and roof up. They were pleasantly surprised by help from the locals and extra funds which allowed them to add windows, electric and lights.

While the team worked on projects Dennis was able to continue his ongoing training for the Amigos En Cristo training students, staff and administration. His years of experience in ministry and outside perspective is helping the ministry as they transition their leadership.

God certainly had His hand of protection on the group as well. While the team was in Mexico, the U.S. news was running a story of murdered U.S. hostages on the Texas border. Kevin said they didn’t even hear about it until they returned home.

Once again, our team set out on a mission to serve the Lord in a very challenging place and God proved Himself faithful in caring for the individuals and the ministry. Thank you to all of you who prayed and supported the effort.