Media Staff

serve camp through media

Media Staff at Living Waters Bible Camp provides you with the skills and training you need to effectively serve as a photographer and video producer/editor. Media Staff are equipped to serve with joy and excellence.



Photo Staff is responsible for:

  • Taking photos of all camper activities
  • Editing those photos
  • Uploading photos onto the website for parents and campers to enjoy


Video Staff is responsible for:

  • Taking video of all camper activities
  • Edit all videos into the weekly video for campers and parents to enjoy
  • Create raw video content for Living Waters Bible Camp for promotion


Marketing Staff is responsible for :

  • taking the content from the video and photo staff and creating promotional content for LWBC
  • They create print materials for sending out


Photo, Video, Marketing



· Able to work at times when other staff members are off or sleeping.

· Able to follow directions and stay on task.

· Familiar with Adobe Products; Adobe Premier Pro(video), Lightroom (Photo) and InDesign (Marketing) as well as digital cameras and equipment.

· A two-year commitment is required (unless cleared prior) as this promotes leadership development and allow the experience gained to be passed on from one year to the next.


· Produce a video each week to be shown at the parent’s breakfast every Saturday morning.

· Take pictures and video of campers, staff and all activities each week.

· Design brochures and other weekly print projects.

· Update camp’s website and social media.

· Be familiar with and help set up audio-visual equipment as needed throughout the week.

· Care for equipment properly.