So you want to encourage others.  How many times have you said nothing, or done nothing because you didn’t know what to say or do that would actually bring comfort?  

The truth is, you can’t offer what you don’t have.  True encouragement is a flood that overflows from one life into another.  God, Himself, is the source of that encouragement.  He pours it into your life, steeps it in your own experience, giving to it a rich flavor of empathy.  His supply is so great that is cannot help but overflow into the lives of others.  In the end, the encouragement you give is not your own, but His.

Join us, here in the valley, for his year’s Ladies Retreat from September 9th-11th.  This will be an opportunity to train and better equip your walk with the Lord.  We’ll study God’s Word as we enjoy fellowship and fun activities.  Our speaker, Kelly Fernandes, from Onalaska WI, will be presenting on this year’s theme, “Speak Life.”  Focusing on how to be encouraged and encourage others, we will enjoy a few sessions, some activities around camp, and a silent auction.  


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