“Remember your Creator in the days of your youth.” This week, camp was a constant reminder to the kids that God, as both CREATOR and REDEEMER, is real and He is their loving, heavenly Father. One staff member reflected, “It was a God-honoring week” overall. Again and again the gospel was presented through the nature programs, class time, chapel, and Foundation Campers. The dorm leaders challenged each other to stay engaged with their campers throughout the week, keeping up energy levels to give all attention to their dorm and always ready to answer questions. A highlight for the dorm leaders was witnessing those “light bulb” moments in their campers after they had struggled through some tough spiritual questions. The motif of the week was “questions,” as many campers wanted to know more about what they had been taught each day. As always, God was at work throughout the week–prompting kids to dive deeper into the Word and showing them His love through the staff and dorm leaders. 

Here are a few highlights from Kids Camp:


After breakfast and morning devotions, the kids split up into groups to go to their nature programs.  They learned about the effects of the flood in the Bible and God’s design of creatures and nature.


Every year, the campers are taught five theme verses through song.  The songs are designed to help them remember their verses better, and at the end of the week the campers present their verse songs for the parents. 



Most afternoons, the big activity is visiting the Westby pool. On Thursday, instead of going to the pool, the kids stayed in the valley for the Dino Fair.  Rotating to various stations, they got face paint and played carnival games.


Another highlight of the week is visiting the Felten farm.  The campers ride horses, pet the animals, and go on a wagon ride.


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