Photo of new investigation center outdoor area.  The addition is on the backside of the Investigation Center.

Next year’s theme, Satisfy Your Thirst, will showcase large fish displays in the investigation center.  In preparation for those tanks, an outside space for our animals is necessary.  A 6 foot high fence encloses a 7,500 square foot area, designed large enough to service future themes and programs.  The outdoor enclosure also includes two large corn cribs to house Linus, our Rhesus Monkey, and other animals we may acquire in the future.

We are so thankful for this additional space available to teach creation to campers young and old. Thanks to help from Tim Dehnhart, Tim Gressman and Jediah Partenheimer, it was possible to accomplish this extensive project during the busy school retreat season.  Thank you Tim, Jediah and Tim!  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Be sure to attend camp this summer to see the new Animal Investigation area!

Linus looks on as his outdoor home is prepared.