Foundation Camp trains campers to step aside and let Christ live through them as they seek to serve others rather than serving themselves. After this, they are given the opportunity to practice and apply what they have learned by volunteering in several different positions around camp, from the kitchen to childcare to dorm leading. As we near the end of the summer, we still have quite a few Foundation Campers that are serving here at camp. One of these Foundation Campers is Liz Lopez. She has spent the summer serving in the media department as the videographer. This was her first year on summer staff and first year at Living Waters.

What were your biggest takeaways from Foundation Camp?

My biggest takeaway from being in Foundation Camp was learning how to be a servant for the Lord and others. I learned the importance of reflecting Christ in everything that I do in order to honor Him and glorify His name.”

What challenged you the most?

“The thing that I found more challenging was rethinking my mind to deny my selfish wants and needs to put the needs of others before myself.”

How do you see yourself using the things that you have learned in Foundation Camp in the future?

I’m thankful for my experience in Foundation Camp. I want to be able to reflect Christ in my life, it’s a joy and a privilege to do so. I’m excited to take what I learned back to my church and community and serve in any way I can.”