Foundation Camp is the pinnacle, the summit and the goal for Living Waters’ programs designed to promote servant leadership in today’s youth. We obviously desire that each camper comes to know Christ. However, that is merely where a relationship with Christ begins, not where it ends. As a child goes through camp, they learn about God’s creation, spiritual disciplines and gain relationships with others focused on Christ. Foundation Camp is the most effective camp that Living Waters offers to promote these things along with servant leadership in a young adult. It is also the training ground on which we test the next generation of dorm leaders who will serve campers over the next several years.

Thus, the return of Foundation Camp after a year’s long hiatus due to Covid has been a major point of celebration here at camp. Campers who would have come into dorm leading for the first time this year, now finally get the training they had hoped for last year. Led by Dennis Siler, Jeff Riley and new co-director Caleb Moses, they are growing in Christ through leaps and bounds. We asked several of the leaders to give a few comments on how this group of Foundation Campers has distinguished themselves from past years.

Caleb Moses (New Co-Director): 

“This year’s Foundation Camp has been a challenging, but exciting opportunity. I had directed Boys Camp in past years, but Foundation Camp has an entirely different goal from Boys Camp. Training, equipping and discipling these young adults takes a very different form in FC as compared to other camps. My role here as a new director has been like a fork. I am not the food, but I decide how much spiritual food and instruction the campers get and when they get it. In other words, I’m the scheduling guy.”

“I’ve seen FC from many different perspectives now. From my first year as a camper, to two years of helping out as an assistant. This year has been really enjoyable finding the new challenges and opportunities that come from working with a large group of campers.”

Ethan Maurer (Wagon Leader): 

“I’ve found this group to be really fun to engage in each activity that they are challenged with. They keep the end in focus, but don’t lose sight of keeping the group together and helping every person to get to the goal.”

Dave Hart (Speaker/Coordinator): 

“This year of Foundation Camp is impressive in that, despite being one of the biggest groups in recent memory, they have bonded together and excelled at creating a tightly-knit team that can make it through tough situations.”