Recently, DNR staff were out on the West Fork of the Kickapoo river doing routine checks on the game fish living in the stream.  Watch the video here.  This is the stream that flows at the end of camp’s valley.  Camp’s springs empty into this stream and Jersey Valley Lake is near the head waters of the West Fork.

The DNR test demonstrates that the stream is healthy and supporting breeding trout.  Fishing is an attraction for tourism in the coulee region and has been supported by local trout clubs for many years.  LWBC has been part of a partnership with local clubs and the DNR since the 1990s.  The trout rearing pond at camp rears and releases about 2,300 Brook trout annually.

LWBC campers can have an up close experience with these incredible fish as they participate in the Trout Stream Program or the annual fish release.  The tiger trout hybrid was a unique find and indicates that Brown trout and Brook trout are of the same created kind, created on day five of creation week.   

Watch the video here.