Are you looking for ways to keep your family active? Here is a clever way to make a nature hike through God’s creation a little more adventurous.

If you are anything like the Thompson family, a family nature hike starts out well but often dissolves into a prisoner of war like march back to the car. The kids get bored, siblings fight and the cries of “How much longer” make the outing a regret.

Recently the Thompsons’ found a secluded place to hike and gave each child a camera. The challenge was to take pictures from specific categories such as:

  • Black and White

  • Something Old

  • Upside Down

  • Created on day 5

  • Signs of Life

Feel free to add or choose your own categories. During the hike each child, using a camera or a phone equipped with a camera eagerly explores the area looking for images.

When you get home organize the photos and get ready for an old-fashioned slide show! For extra involvement, organize a Zoom meeting with grandparents so the kids can showcase their photos with loving family members.

If you have ideas of how families can continue enjoying God’s creation please send them our way in a short email. Email Paul. We would love to share your ideas with others.