There were more floods yesterday.

At around 4pm, three and a half inches fell in about 75 minutes. It washed out the road over the dry wash (most of the gravel and moved the drain tubes) again – the one we happened to be working on fixing! It is discouraging, as it adds work, inconvenience, and a lot of extra expense. BUT it also provides opportunities for us to wait on the Lord and see how He provides and what He teaches.

There are many things we are thankful to the Lord for:

We are thankful it hasn’t severely affected one camp as of yet, as sufficient repairs have been made quick enough to not stop any ministry. We are thankful no one has been hurt though any of the storms. We are thankful for lots of willing, helpful hands here this summer, since we’re having to carry a lot of supplies by hand across the dry wash.

Also, through this, we are realizing that God brings storms into our lives to break out the weak, provide a place for new life and also to firm up and strengthen us for future opportunities for the Him to be glorified. We have received a few opportunities to talk to people about the faithfulness of the Lord through all of this and we just desire to keep praising Him through it all.

Please pray for us (Chris, Aaron, Tim, Joy, Andrew, Dennis, Missy, and Rachal), as well as the summer staff members, as we work to clean up from yet another storm. We appreciate your prayers a ton – please don’t stop as we finish weathering these storms.

Here a picture:

… and for some video footage, click here.

God Bless.