Tim and Rachel (Rae) Dehnart celebrated their first wedding anniversary on September 21st here at camp.  No, they weren’t here on vacation.  The Dehnarts have been serving as seasonal staff since June.  They originally intended to serve at camp for the summer but the Lord called them to stay longer.  If you were at camp at all this summer, you know that Tim and Rae are a huge blessing to camp!  

Rae has a true servants heart.  Her skills in the kitchen have been invaluable to Kevin as she assists him as an experienced cook.  Working long hours and serving day after day Rae has modeled the Living Waters standard of service to our guests.  Through out the years Rae has come to camp as a camper and now she is excited for the opportunity to “give back” in the way of service.

Tim is a one of a kind fix it all, do it all worker.  He possesses professional level skills in everything from construction to computers and juggling to auto repair!  Tim is an ideal “right hand man” for Tim and Joy to catch up on their endless list of projects and to prepare for the 2015 Satisfy Your Thirst theme.

Lord willing, Tim and Rae would like to stay through May.  Please pray for their financial provisions and for their continued growth while serving at camp.