Living Waters Bible Camp is all about Building Servant Leaders.  A critical role of any leader is creating a Culture within their sphere of influence.  The leader creates the culture and the culture gets the results. 
As we approach the outdoor swimming season, I am reminded of my kids’ favorite activity.  While we are swimming, they start to chant “whirlpool, whirlpool…” and I begin running around the edge of the pool stirring the water.  After a few laps, all the water in the pool is flowing in one direction.  Now the kids grab their tubes and jump in!  Guess what happens?  They immediately start moving in the same direction as me (the leader). 

Just like that swift current in the pool a Servant Leader, often alone, drives hard to get momentum going.  Once that example is given, the culture follows. 
Where are you right now?  Are you pushing the current or are you flowing with the current?  Are you headed in the right direction? 

Here at camp, everything a camper experiences is meant to help them move in the direction of a deeper, stronger, servant hearted follower of Christ.  Each new person who “jumps in” receives Training and Equiping to become the next Servant Leader.