Living Waters Bible Camp is a unique place for people of all ages to learn more about their Creator. I’ve had a few people ask me: “Why does Living Waters focus so much on teaching creation?” I always answer, “because God’s Word does.” The Bible references God as Creator hundreds of times. Jesus often used creation to explain spiritual principals. God’s word is full of declarations of God as creator. God seemingly thinks it is very important for man to know that God is the creator and that man is the created…not the other way around.¬†

As our society continues to marginalize God, His role and importance in the lives of people begins to shrink, while the importance of “man” is puffed up and exaggerated. Our obsession with celebrities, sports and politics is a symptom of the great sickness of idol worship.¬†

At Living Waters, we desire to reveal an all-powerful, all-knowing, loving creator to boys and girls and every adult. By studying creation, we can know the character of the creator, and therefore humble ourselves to know we are merely “the created.” By teaching God’s creation we help people make God BIG and man small. This is the right posture for understanding the Gospel.

Be sure to join us for our next two creation events: Animal Kingdom Day, Creation Adventure Vacation.

Camp is a powerful tool in God’s Kingdom;¬†combine it with God’s creation and you have a life changing ministry!