On April 29-30, Living Waters welcomed Tim Chaffey from Answers In Genesis and Eric Hovind as the keynote speakers for the conference.  To say they were engaging speakers is an understatement.  

Tim Chaffey is the chief curator for the Creation Museum and the new Ark project in Kentucky.  He is responsible for writing the text for all the signs you will see in the Ark.  He shared many behind the scenes stories, pictures and videos of the Ark project.

Eric Hovind brought his high energy and very exciting science experiments to show the wonders of God’s creation.  He amazed us all with giant smoke rings and small explosions.  He taught the crowd to shoot rubber bands the “scientific way” as an example of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.    And yes, he even started a few kids on fire!  Using bubble solution he created propane filled bubbles.  A volunteer/victim from the audience came up, dipped their arm in water, then scooped up a handful of bubbles and Eric lit the bubbles on fire!  Of course he reminded all the children “not to try this at home…do it at a friends house.”

After lunch, in-spite of light rain, campers went outside to enjoy a variety of Living Waters nature programs.  These hands on programs are designed to help campers discover creation for the purpose of drawing them to wonder about the Creator.

Once again, the creation conference proved that Living Waters is indeed a premiere creation resource in the Midwest.  We hope you can join us for our fall Creation Adventure Retreat and next sping when Steve Austin joins us for the Coulee Region Creation Conference.