sugar bush day

Sunday, march 24, 2024


Taste and see the sap to syrup production of delicious maple syrup.  Marvel over God’s wonderful creation and the blessings we experience when we understand how to care for it.  See how the sap is processed and what a difference the weather has on the process.  Hear about the pioneers who discovered this sweet treat and how they used it.

Start by enjoying a tall stack of pancakes with your family.  Next venture outside to tour our maple tree stand and find out how to tap a maple tree and collect its sap.


Arrive at 1:00 pm.

Lunch (Pancake meal) is served from 1:00-4:00pm.

Tours of maple trees and tree taping process.  Board the camp bus for an easy ride up the hill. From there we will hike through the woods to observe the tapping of a Maple Tree. Learn how the sap is collected.

Visit the Sugar Shack to observe the boiling process. Find out how much sap it takes to make a gallon of syrup. You might be surprised!

Tour the kitchen where the syrup is filtered and bottled.

Gather around and listen to a portion of the Little House On The Prairie book when Pa used maple syrup to make candy. Help our facilitator stir the ingredients to make your own maple candy.

Also, take a walk down to the Trout Pond to discover how these little fish live through the winter and grown into 12-Inchers!


$7 per person (Ages 4 and up)

The ticket includes a pancake meal and programs.

Registration is the day of the event. Large groups are encouraged to call for reservations. 608-634-4373