In one deft stroke, Dennis had won both Dave Hart and Sandy Dietz for the rest of their lives as camp volunteers. How did he ever do that? Dave and Sandy Hart reveal their story in an exclusive, tenderhearted interview they did for us last summer where they share the example of the direct influence of God working in the Living Waters ministry through people’s lives.
   Dave came to camp for the first time in 1989, by invitation from Dennis Siler. Sandy, at that same time was working as Dennis’ secretary. While Dave might say it was an obvious set-up on Dennis’ part, he continues to refrain from comment on the matter! Sandy was already secretary in 1989 and she had been coming to camp since 1976. Her first experience at Living Waters was as a “kid staff” while her parents helped run a week of summer camp. Soon afterward, she started coming as a regular camper and volunteer, eventually meeting Dave.
   The couple, married in 1990, would move to Texas and Kentucky before eventually coming back to Living Waters for Dave to work as Ministry Director. While Dave worked at camp, he would walk from the old farmhouse at the top of the hill down to camp and back every morning and night. “It was a great way to get ready for the day and learn to see Creation, not just as a place to enjoy walking around, but a place to see God’s power and character through Creation,” says Dave. Time spent walking through the beautiful pine woods was never wasted. Sandy remembers Irma Breckler, one of the first Program Directors at camp, who would lead nature walks through camp’s many wooded trails. Seeing, touching and learning about Creation were all instrumental in building the Hart’s faith and love for the outdoors.
   Since their own time growing up at camp, Dave and Sandy have come back nearly every summer. Dave is one of the co-directors of Foundation Camp; the intensive, two-week training camp attended by weekly dorm leaders and summer camp staff. More recently, their children have been involved in camp. All three have attended Foundation Camp and have been on Summer Staff at least once. The Hart family has been here almost since the beginning, and Lord willing, will continue being consistent volunteers into the future.

Dave Hart and Sandy Dietz in a skit at camp in 1989. Maybe this is where their love began!