Family history runs deep in the Abadeer family and their relationship to Living Waters Bible Camp. Peter grew up coming to camp, beginning in the 1980s as a camper, then dorm leader, and now Bible teacher. As a camper and weekly volunteer, Peter found camp a great place to develop role models, experience camaraderie, and grow in his walk with Christ.

    Although Amy was never a camper here, she quickly developed a love for camp through her experiences teaching and serving during different seasons of mothering. In the last ten years as a teacher at Kids Camp, Amy has seen her own growth as a teacher watching the intentionality of the other Bible teachers who observe where kids are spiritually, discern their needs, and speak with the kids regarding their Savior. Amy realizes the blessing it is to have a place to “serve even if the family is serving in different areas. There is a real blessing to having a place like this that allows us to serve together as a family!”

   As Peter and Amy’s family has grown in size and age, their children have become active participants as campers and servants at Living Waters. Going all the way back to their oldest, Elise, who celebrated her first birthday (and took her first steps!) all at camp, all of the kids have grown up coming to camp as staff kids, and then campers, and have now started serving during weekend retreats as well as week-long summer camps. Peter “appreciates Living Waters and how it is a place where Christians from different backgrounds come together as members of the body of Christ with God leading each one and each one coming to serve Him together for the Lord’s glory. The Lord is blessing this ministry!”

   As a family, the Abadeers have enjoyed all the Creation learning which Living Waters hosts. Peter remembers several recent Creation Conferences where camp has brought in national speakers, like Dr. Steve Austin, and loves to learn about Creation and science, especially in geology, through speakers with a Biblical worldview.
  The Abadeers also really appreciate the Creation based Nature Programs. They value how much time and energy are poured into preparing them. Amy recalls programs learning about: the properties of water and surface tension, bats, beehives, and the beaver’s dam and thinks, “These Creation moments point us to our Heavenly Father and teach us who God is. Camp does such a great job taking the wonders of Creation and linking them to the spiritual truths which is really what Creation does-teach us who God is. Camp does such a great job highlighting that God is our Creator AND God is our Savior.”

  Like all of the Camp Stories we’ve been sharing over the last few months; if you’ve met any of Peter and Amy’s family, you’ve met a piece of Living Waters! We’re grateful for all who choose to spend time at Living Waters Bible Camp as campers and volunteers!