Frequent Father-Son attendee Aidan Fisher shared his Living Waters experience with us over the summer. Aidan says, “Growing up I went to Father-Son with my Dad and it became a yearly tradition… We stayed up way later than mom ever allowed us to while tubing, playing broomball and having a great time to grow and bond with my dad.”
At the age of fourteen, Aidan was given his first chance to be at camp for longer than a weekend.
“I got to come and be on video staff for a couple of weeks during the summer and that was my first opportunity to be at camp for longer than a weekend. I didn’t know what I was doing and I was way younger than everyone else, but I quickly fell in love with serving and being here at camp. I got to be around people who had a passion and a love for Jesus and it was awesome. I learned so much from those times.”
At the age of sixteen, Fisher went through Foundation Camp and was able to start volunteering in what is now his favorite way: dorm leading. “I started dorm leading after going through Foundation Camp and that has created some of my favorite memories. My first week of dorm leading, my senior dorm leader (the infamous Steven Lucht) and I had a great group of kids. It was incredible. Every night I would go to bed full of joy at how the Lord was working in these kids’ lives. It was a really unique and crazy experience for me. Through that experience, I really learned how to put others before myself.” Seeking God as the most important part of his life has become a theme for Aidan. “Seeking him as the most important part of all that I do has such an emphasis here at camp. Yes, we serve. Yes, we do things that are honoring to God, but our personal relationship with Him is at the forefront of our lives. That is what has impacted my life from Foundation Camp to serving in the dorms and onward. I love this place. I love the valley. I love the people. I love that we can come and experience God’s Creation all around us. Happy 50 years Living Waters! I hope to see you in 50 more.