Buddy Davis is returning to Living Waters Bible Camp!

The last time Buddy Davis came to camp, we had nearly 300 attendees come to hear him speak and perform.  Buddy, a long time friend of camp, has agreed to return to camp May 1-2nd.

You haven’t heard of Buddy Davis?  Buddy has been a long time team member of Answers In Genesis and was instrumental in the development of the AIG Creation Museum.  Buddy is a renowned dinosaur sculptor and has created many life like creations at use in the Creation Museum today.  In fact, Buddy made the velociraptor on display in the Living Waters Nature Center.

Buddy is better known for his CD’s and DVD’s.  As a singer songwriter he has released several albums of fun creation themed songs.  As an actor Buddy has a series of creation adventure videos.  He is an adventurer at heart and loves to spend his time kayaking, hiking and camping.  His video series details his adventures in Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures“.

Register today to reserve your space to experience Buddy Davis at Living Waters May 1-2nd. 

Want to join Buddy as he relives his extreme caving adventure (like in his latest video)?  Just sign up to arrive earlier on May 1. Spaces are limited, so sign up early.