Paul Kampe loves Camp so much they named him after it!  Well, maybe that’s not how Mr. Kampe got his name but he sure does love Living Waters Bible Camp.

Paul lives in Red Wing, MN with his wife and four children and attends Cornerstone Community Church.  Paul faithfully participates in Living Waters’ programs and has brought many friends to camp events in recent years. Lately, he has connected camp with the leadership in his church. Paul arranged to have Dennis (camp director) visit his church to meet with the pastor.  The meeting was a wonderful opportunity for camp to explain our purpose and exhibit how we could partner with the church in ministry.

Paul took time to answer a few questions about his passion for Living Waters Bible Camp:

When did you first come to Living Waters?:  Our first visit to Living Waters was the Fall 2013 creation camp with Jay Seegert and Paul Taylor. That weekend was excellent, the teaching was solid, the camp staff were great, and we’ve been coming back ever since. 

How is Living Waters different from other places you’ve been to?:  The thing that sets Living Waters apart from other camps is the strong focus on Genesis & creation.  We live in a culture today that doesn’t even recognize a creator.  If we want to communicate the gospel message, we must be able to explain why we believe that God exists and point people to the Maker of heaven and earth. 

How do you persuade friends that you want to come to camp? We really focus on personally inviting families that we think might be interested, or that God lays on our hearts. We also share our enthusiasm for the camp and highlight the creation emphasis. In addition, we follow up with them to see if we can answer any questions they might have.  I think it also really helps to get a physical brochure in their hands…that has been more effective than just pointing people to a website.  We brought 3 new families in 2014, and so far have another new family coming in 2015 (this is by God’s grace – not our efforts) 

How can other LWBC fans share camp with friends?: Again, I think the key is making personal invitations and following up on it. If you can get a brochure into their hands and give a personal testimony of how your family has been blessed by this camp, that can go a long way. Most importantly, pray for open hearts.

Living Waters spends approximately $12,000 a year advertising and promoting camp and it’s programs.  We all know that much of that effort will fall on deaf ears or worse yet end up in the trash.  Money cannot buy the kind a promotion you give camp when you tell a friend about the ministry! The best thing you can do for camp is come to a program and bring a friend!  If you ever need more materials or resources to promote please contact the office.