In today’s busy life, families are being pulled in every direction.  Kids are involved in school and sports programs.  Parents often feel more like a taxi service than a family.  Working adults are stretched by work and ministry commitments.  For many, the thought of a vacation is alluring but elusive.  Planning, packing, cooking, and expenses are often too much for a working parent.  Sometimes the trip itself is more exhausting than regular life!

Yet the vacation is an essential part of building bonds as a family.  Time together is possibly the single most important priority a family can have.

If you are looking for a wonderful and memorable vacation for your family, consider joining us July 5-8th at Living Waters Bible Camp.  Here are three compelling reasons why Family Camp is right for your family!

1. The kids love it!  This will be a vacation they will talk about for years to come.  Camp is the best place for a kid.  There are lots of new friends to meet and many meaningful activities such as:

  • Creation based nature programs
  • Climbing tower
  • Zip line
  • Archery
  • Groups games and free time

2. It’s easy for parents!  You pack the bags…we’ll do the rest.  Drive into the valley and join the program.  No need to plan anything!

  • Wonderful meals you don’t have to cook!
  • Kid Caddy (Living Waters staff member) to help watch and care for your children
  • Affordable!  Register for camp and that’s it.  All the activities and programs are included!
  • Dorms include bathrooms and air conditioning

3. Time with family in a Christian community. Camp is a safe place for your family.

  • Worship time together
  • Creation programs for the children
  • Sessions on Biblical parenting practices for parents
  • Programs with a purpose
  • A safe Christ focused environment
  • Fellowship with other believers

Family Camp I is nearly full and Family Camp II is filling up fast.  Don’t miss your opportunity for a stress-free family vacation you will remember for years!