What was the most memorable summer of your lifetime? Was it the year you worked at a neighbors farm tasseling corn? Was it the summer you ran the concession stand at the park? Maybe it was the summer you took a long trip with your family.

For me, it was the summer I served on summer staff at a Bible camp near my parent’s home. I worked hard, experienced new things, and grew closer to the Lord than I ever had before. It was a profoundly life changing experience. Maybe you had a similar experience. Perhaps you were blessed by being on summer staff at Living Waters!

As we prepare for the summer theme of Renew Your Strength, one of the first steps is to begin recruiting summer staff. I generally begin around Christmas time when staff and campers come back for Winter Recharge. I never tire of explaining the benefits of serving on staff. I recruit at Emmaus Bible College and Moody Bible Institute as well as other promotional events. After countless phone calls, emails and forms, we usually have our staff selected by early May.

I am pleased to announce that we have our “starting line up” for the summer of 2018! God has blessed us with a mix of returning staff, new staff and even some international volunteers to round out our team.


  • Lydia Siler: This will be Lydia’s forth summer as Summer Staff.

  • Rebekah Loew: This will be Rebekah’s third summer on program. She loves facilitating nature programs at camp!

  • Jediah Partenheimer: Jediah has returned after being gone a year, and he has brought his lovely family with him!

  • Ethan Hart: Ethan is returning for a second year and will likely be switching from video to program.

  • Makala Willette: Makala has a full time job in Minnesota but is taking off for the summer to serve at camp in the kitchen.

Summer Staff Team Building

  • Jmee Felten: Jmee has volunteered on summer staff for many summers and continues her streak again this summer. She will help in the kitchen and in the dorms.

First Time Staff:

  • Abby Sanner: Abby is very familiar with camp, since her father was once full time staff. This will be her first year on program staff.

  • Jacinda Eskander: Jacinda has been a regular camper and volunteer over the years, however this will be her first time serving on program staff.

  • Ethan Maurer: Ethan is from Viroqua, and is graduating from high school this year. He is looking forward to being on program staff.

  • David Rockensock: This will be David’s first year serving on maintenance.

  • Brad Tate: Brad is new to camp. He is an experienced videographer and will bring a lot to our video production.

  • Jonny Page: Jonny has helped at camp in many ways, and in many roles, over the years. His knowledge of camp will make him a great asset to Andrew while he serves in guest services.

  • Deanta Saunders: Deanta has only been to camp once, but she is eager to jump right into summer staff as the summer secretary.

International Volunteers:

We have three international helpers this year! Two hail from Mexico and one travels from India.

  • Chris Baez: Chris came to camp last June from Mexico City. He has been at camp as a Teleios student and is looking forward to learning more on program staff.

  • Febe Ara: Febe knows of camp because of our missions trips to Juarez! She is currently a student studying accounting in Texas, and will serve at camp helping Annie in housekeeping.

There is still room for a few more! If you are interested in being a part of the team, visit the Summer Staff page on the website.

We eagerly look forward to all our summer staff arriving on June 6th. Please pray for us during the training period and throughout the summer.

If you wish to contribute to the summer staff fund please click here.